Creado en Los Andes de Bolivia, based in NYC.

Creamos en Los Andes de Bolivia, and we are based in NYC.

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Maria & Artisans

Maria is the founder of Unique. A small business that was born with the idea of empowering indigenous women. Many of these women could not work outside of the home while taking care of their children and Unique gave these women, who previously took knitting courses at their local schools, an opportunity to fulfill their maternal duties while earning an income.

We collaborate with Maria and the knitters with timeless, chic and versatile pieces since 2020 using alpaca and baby alpaca fiber.

"Unique will continue to offer the highest-quality artisanal products by carefully selecting the best materials and handmade garments. We strive to change the world and protect our planet by supporting local artisans instead of fast fashion. We hope you share our thoughts".

Maria Calzadilla