Creado en Los Andes de Bolivia, based in NYC.

Creamos en Los Andes de Bolivia, and we are based in NYC.

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Simon & Artisans

Artsol is located in El Alto, a suburban town outside of La Paz. Simon, the founder, started Atrsol in 2008 with the aim of consolidating a social enterprise that is economically viable as well as socially and ecologically sustainable. Artsol is a family artisan business that encourages and promotes textiles with Bolivian identity, with the mission of improving the living conditions of Bolivian artisans. Simon works with his brothers and sisters, their families, and now other artisan families. The company currently works with 15 families and 50% of its members are women.

A proud member of the Word Fair Trade Organization, Artsol’s main production is alpaca clothing.

We meet Simon, Betsa, Porfirio, Guadalupe, Randi and other artisans from this wonderful group in 2019 and since then we have been working on Yanawara's designs and growing together.