Creado en Los Andes de Bolivia, based in NYC.

Creamos en Los Andes de Bolivia, and we are based in NYC.

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Welcome to Yanawara

Welcome to Yanawara

We live in a consumerist world that creates tons of plastic and waste for most of our activities and purchases and although we can obtain beautiful and high quality products, we live in such a hurry that we do not appreciate the effort of the producers or have knowledge of the impact of our purchases. Most of the times, we don’t know if we pay a fair price that contributes a dignified work or if we really need all of our clothes and we will give them a good use.

This is something that many have been becoming aware of and taking actions for some time ago, but I think that the current context gives us an extra time of reflection where many more are joining this movement. I hope that the covid-19 context leads us to reflect, re-learn good practices and appreciate life and each others. Although we have been working for a year ago, we are launching this platform at this very difficult time. Aware that the months to come will be filled with many changes and uncertainty,  we are ready and eager to accept challenge, hoppping that better times will come. 

On this occasion we want to invite you to learn about Yanawara and it’s mission,  to explore this site that is our small contribution to fair trade and sustainable fashion. It has been created with love and detail and as an alternative that brings us hope in times when we cannot think of ourselves without thinking in others.

Yanawara is a start-up with an holistic concept that involves high quality, local sourced raw materials, women artisans and their families involved in production, entrepreneurs and dreamers who want to change the concept of production, design and consumption. We expect that our actions now will contribute to better working conditions, reduce inequalities, and cause less harm to the planet.

Welcome to Yanawara.

Let’s share & collaborate

In the next posts we will be updating about our lessons learned, our journey, sharing our activities and inviting  you to participate in this blog and share your thoughts.

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