Zef artisan. Courtesy of Zef

Zef Upcycling

was born in september 2013 as a small second-hand clothing redesign venture.

Zef  aims to be a conscious fashion alternative to the fast fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world. Currently, Zef´s workshop employs women artisans for the elaboration of unique upcycled pieces, made from textiles and typical Bolivian materials.

Valeria Wilde founder of Zef

made by Zef

  • Sale! upcycled

    Black Long Poncho-Jacket

    $337.00 $286.00
  • Sale! Upcycled poncho jacket

    Black Short Poncho-Jacket

    $337.00 $286.00
  • Face masks

    Upcycled Face Masks

  • Sale! Upcycled

    Upclycled Leather & Aguayo Jacket

    $337.00 $286.00

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