Artisan knitting. Courtesy of Unique

Unique will continue to offer the highest-quality artisanal products by carefully selecting the best materials and handmade garments. We strive to change the world and protect our planet by supporting local artisans instead of fast fashion. We hope you share our thoughts. 

Maria Calzadilla

Founder, Unique


was born with the idea of empowering indigenous women. Many of these women could not work outside of the home while taking care of their children.. Unique gave these women, who previously took knitting courses at their local schools, an opportunity to fulfill their maternal duties while earning an income.

Collaboration between a designer and the knitters resulted in chic new designs and exposed the garments to a broader market.

Using alpaca, llama, baby alpaca, and baby alpaca wool mixed with natural silk, the knitters work with what the market has to offer. All of these materials are thermal-regulators, breathable, and highly durable. Wools made with camelids from the high altitude Bolivian Andes have a long sustainability chain. Starting with the shepherds and their communities, the wool resellers, designers, and knitters, all the way to the stores in which these goods are sold, Unique is economically sustainable every step of the way.

Alpacas in The Andes. Courtesy of Unique.

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