Courtesy of Chiman Bags. PH. Claudia Burgos

Sustainable Plan

How can we address transparency and ethic from the producer through the final customer?

We work with small to medium size brands, that contribute the with the development of handwork and craftsmanship in Bolivia, some of them works with groups of families, others have social mission themes behind the brand and all of them are engaged with ethical sourcing of materials and taking care of having the minimum environmental footprint. By having free access to our partners brands workshops, we warranty that our featured products are made under the principles of fair trade, fairwages, environmental care and supporting women empowerment.

We know our artisans and sourcers and are proud of them!

Following these principles, we provide transparent and real costs to our partners brands and our final customers, to ensure fair prices for all the involved parties.  Our main mission is to create more opportunities for all and show Bolivia through beautiful and timeless products.

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