Artisan knitting for Munai. Courtesy of Munai


is a home decor line created to unleash the great talent of Bolivian handworkers. 100% handmade, their products are unique treasures crafted for a conscious tribe of dreamers and lovers of beautiful things.

Andean macrame is made from delicate threads called “sedas”  or “silk threads”. These are usually incorporated in women’s wear, used as an edging detail along their shawls creating an exquisite element in traditional costumes since colonial times. Munai hopes to increase the appreciation of the elements to a whole new level: Boho / Chic Home Decor textiles.

Melissa, the company’s creative director,  is a fashion designer based in Miami, Florida, and originally from La Paz, Bolivia. She started Munai in 2018 with the dream of creating beautiful and unique macrame wall hangings. Munai provides job opportunities to amazingly talented women and showcases the unique Bolivian culture.

Munai artisan with her artwork. Courtesy of Munai

soon made by Munai!

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