Lana artisan in her workshop. Courtesy of Lana


is inspired by conscious apparel consumption and works directly with Bolivian artisans organized by families and groups, of which most are women. The brand is led by founders Ximena Herrera and Andrea Torrico, who aim to create better opportunities for women and more employment in the artisan sector.

Lana products are handmade with 100% pure alpaca wool and dyed organically. Their mission is to showcase Bolivian talent by offering products of an amazing quality.

We also are proud to work with Wanderlust, that is part of Lana’s group, for the production of our cotton bags. Wanderlust aims to raise awareness about the care of the environment by replacing the plastic bag. Made with 100% organic Bolivian cotton and made by Bolivian single mothers. The ink is eco-friendly, which means harmful impact is reduced. The name means “Passion for move, for walk” in German and what better way to do it than with a tote bag made of a noble materia, that allows one to  carry the most essential belongings.

Lana artisan in the proccess. Courtesy of Lana

made by Lana

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