Local Source. Courtesy of Ayawasca


aims to keep culture alive by creating high-quality accessories featuring ethically sourced handmade Bolivian textiles. Squarely centered in the history and identity of the Andes and its cultural heritage, every piece Ayawasqa produces is a celebration of culture. Their mission is to support employment for their artisan partners, located in villages in Potosí, Tarija, Santa Cruz, El Alto, and La Paz. They are committed to ethical trade and environmental sustainability principles. Ayawasqa is also devoted to social sustainability with a goal of having a positive impact on the lives of artisans who work with the brand. They are committed to providing their artisans with a source of income, continuing education, and guidance to succeed and hopefully help lead their communities out of poverty. Amancaya, Creative Director and founder, travels around Bolivia to personally source materials from local communities and create work agreements with the artisans.

Local artisan suppliers. Courtesy of Ayawasca

made by Ayawasqa

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