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♥ Yanawara means “Star that comes from far” in aymara language.

Artsol artisan. Courtesy from Artsol

Bolivia is a country rich in culture, traditions and hard working people. From The Andes through The Amazon, you would be delighted by its colors, textiles, shapes and stories. We believe that the world still doesn’t know what Bolivia has to offer, the beauty, quality and uniqueness of its products and materials are still a secret. Yanawara is here to share these amazing secrets ethically made by Bolivian artisans since we are commited with cultural preservation.

Our values follow fair labor practices, fair trade & sustainable sourcing, in addition our Mission is to support Bolivian artisan and ethical brands, encourage women empowerment & entrepreneurship, innovation & social impact by increasing their potential markets and visibility in the world, where consumers acknowledge their Skills and Savoir Faire and are willing to pay them a fair price positively impacting lives.

Likewise, we aim to reduce the gap between the north and the south by providing more opportunities to Bolivian artisans and entrepreneurs.

Yanawara envisions to travel around Bolivia to expand our selection and be inspired to design new products, to serve as a space for future collaborations between our artisans, entrepreneurs and a global industry as an inspiring and impactful collective that works together to build up the artisan industry: the new handworker economy.

Ethically made by Bolivian artisans

We work with artisan partners where the majority are women, some of them work in their homes or in small workshops, others have been working in the artisanal sector by generations and others as a job alternative that dignifies their lives allowing them to support their families. As a result, there is a social mission behind each artisan partner and all are committed with ethical sourcing of raw materials taking care of having the minimum environmental footprint.

Miriam in her workshop. Courtesy from Artsol

Certainly, by having free access to our artisan partners workshops or after having visited their homes, we warranty that all products are made ethically supporting the livelyhoods or the artisans. Following these principles, we provide transparent and real costs to our partners and our customers to ensure fair prices for all the involved parties.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are calls to action to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that develop economic growth and address a variety of social needs, including education, health, social protection and job opportunities, while addressing climate change and the environmental protection.

Accordingly, we want to be part of the change and promote the following objectives aligned in our mission and vision through specific actions and initiatives.

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Thank you: Lorena, Claudia, Yami, Pablo, Tato, Camilo, Tanita, Pedro, Typica Café and Atix Hotel.

We couldn’t have done this without you.

Meet us




Pamela is based in New York but she was born and raised in Bolivia where she lived until 2016 and from a young age she had interest to work with communities there. Years later she obtained a MBA and focused her professional development on social innovation where she worked on various projects involving artisans from Bolivia and the world.

From then on, her passion and commitment to the artisan industry guided her to continue her training in Sustainability in the Fashion Industry in the United States and to work & collaborate in organizations and artisan companies until she co-founded Yanawara in 2019.




Based in La Paz, Carlos is a Project Manager with more than 8 years of experience in the design, administration, monitoring and evaluation of projects, both for international cooperation and for private companies.

With a Master in International Management, he participated in the implementation of numerous Inclusive Businesses together with the Dutch Development Cooperation Service, SNV Bolivia. These businesses, which link “anchor” companies to communities at the base of the pyramid, with the objective of generating mutual benefits and profits, allowed him to accumulate experience in the development and support for the sustainability of social enterprises.

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